Variable-Speed Air Conditioner

Lennox EL18XCV

lennox EL18XCV variable speed Air Conditioner

Super precise and highly energy efficient cooling

Energy Star Qualified

Another advanced innovation by Lennox, the EL18XCV delivers energy-smart, year-round comfort. One of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified products in 2020 because it prevents greenhouse gas emissions by meeting rigorous energy efficiency performance levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

SEER Rating: Up to 18
Compressor Type: Variable-Speed
Sound Rating: Low as 72 Decibels

Product Features

  • Up to 18 SEER
  • Variable-capacity operation
  • As low as 72 decibel sound rating
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • Utilizes environmentally responsible R-410A refrigerant
  • PermaGuard™ Cabinet and SmartHinge™ Louver Design
  • iComfort®-enabled on-board diagnostic technology
  • 1o-Year Limited Warranty on covered components including compressor

How Much You Can Save on Cooling Costs

10 SEER vs 26 SEER Air Conditioner

Save 58% per Year*

*Based on US National Average

5-Year Savings


10-Year Savings


15-Year Savings


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