lennox pureair s air purification system
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Lennox PureAir S

Home Air Purification System

The best of the best when it comes to indoor air quality performance. The Lennox PureAir S system successfully removes 99% of harmful airborne particles like mold spores, dust, and pet dander, over 90% of germs and bacteria, and up to 50% of dangerous household chemical odors and vapors.

Why Choose the Lennox PureAir S System?

Many indoor air purification systems remove germs and bacteria. Some simply remove odors, while others focus on the removal of airborne particles like mold.

The Lennox PureAir S system stands out from the rest because it removes all three types of contaminants from your indoor air at once.

This amazing air purifier also doesn’t produce any ozone as a by-product. In fact, it works to reduce the amount of ozone in your home – which is a known lung irritant.

lennox pureair s air purification system

Financing Option

Enjoy no payments for 90 days, plus low monthly payments of $116 when you finance a new Lennox system.*


Receive rebates up to $1600 on a new Lennox system.**

Cleaner, Fresher Air in Your Home

airborne particles

Say Goodbye to Airborne Particles

The Lennox PureAir S air purification has proven to remove up to 99% of harmful airborne particles such as mold spores, dust, pollen, and pet dander.

If you suffer from allergies, you can benefit greatly from having this air purifier installed onto your home’s HVAC system.

Imagine finally being able to relax in your home during the harsh allergy seasons of the spring and fall – a welcome respite from the itching eyes and runny nose that develop once you step outside.

germs and bacteria

Destroy Dangerous Germs and Bacteria

Sick of getting sick every cold and flu season?

The PureAir S removes or destroys 90% of cold and influenza viruses, and other infectious bacteria from the air inside your home.

It’s time to spend more time with family and friends during the fall and winter and less time ill, stuck in at home in bed.

chemical odor

Remove Chemical Odors and Vapors

Chemical odors and vapors are air contaminants that come in the form of gases.

This Lennox air purifier removes up to 50% of these gases from your indoor air, such as pet odors, cooking fumes, tobacco smoke, perfumes, chlorine, cleaning supplies, paints, solvents, and more.

With fresher, cleaner air, you’ll truly feel the difference on a daily basis.

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  • *Offer available September 2, 2019 to November 22, 2019. Offer based on a retail price of $10,000. Requires purchase of qualifying system. Financing available to well-qualified buyers on approved credit. No down payment required. No monthly payment required and no interest is accrued during the 3 month deferral period. After deferral period, the loan is rolled into 6.99% APR for 120 Months with equal monthly payments of $116 a month. Normal late charges apply. Cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Minimum loan amount $3,000. Maximum loan amount $100,000. You may prepay your account at any time without penalty. Financing is subject to credit requirements and satisfactory completion of finance documents. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only. See Truth in Lending disclosures available from lender for more information.
  • **Rebate requires purchase of qualifying items between September 2, 2019 to November 22, 2019. Qualifying items must be installed by November 29, 2019. Rebate claims (with proof of purchase) must be submitted (with proof of purchase) to www.lennoxconsumerrebates.com no later than December 13, 2019. Rebate is paid in the form of a Lennox Visa® prepaid debit card. Card is subject to terms and conditions found or referenced on card and expires 12 months after issuance. Conditions apply. See www.lennox.com/terms-and-conditions for complete terms and conditions.

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