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We Keep Our Customers Comfortable With Reliable AC Repair, Maintenance & Installation!

Stay comfortable indoors with a properly functioning air conditioning unit from Zen Air Heating and Cooling! We understand that a high-quality air conditioner along with excellent service will leave you feeling refreshed and help cope with an unbearably hot day.

Air conditioning

Our highly skilled HVAC experts ensure your air conditioning unit is running smoothly all year round. We provide a stress-free repair experience, so you can rest assured that only qualified and independent technicians are handling any maintenance needs for your AC system. We are able to remove frustration from the maintenance and air conditioning repair process.

All air conditioning services offered are regulated and provided by an experienced technician. We will arrive at your home on time and will follow health and safety requirements, preferences and budget to make sure you receive complete satisfaction!

Don’t wait for breakdowns – keep your AC running in tip-top shape so you’re always ready for whatever nature throws at you!

Local Air Conditioning Services

Zen Air Heating and Cooling’s air conditioning services offer the highest level of comfort. 99% of our customers are satisfied with our services with the help of our highly trained technicians. We are happy to share our services for a comfortable home or corporate environments and look to improve efficiency, savings, and safety for all customers.

For your safety, we make sure to provide licenses and insurance. We also offer heating, cooling, and air purification solutions for homes and small businesses. We know the busyness of your daily life so we offer a flexible schedule tailored to your availability and specific needs.

Quality Air Conditioning Systems

Zen Air Heating and Cooling provides dozens of energy efficient equipment which helps reduce electricity use. How do we cut our energy bills? Our HVAC technicians can assist your home in selecting a cooling equipment that fits your house’s size and needs.

We carry Trane® as well as an extensive range of trustworthy brands to help you choose the right air-conditioning system. In addition, Zen Air Heating and Cooling offers air conditioning maintenance with a wide variety of service options.

The AC unit you want will be quickly and effectively installed by us. We have many different air conditioner units that come from leading manufacturers so you can be sure that you get what you need. Our air conditioning technicians have extensive experience installing air conditioner systems in residential and commercial spaces. We’re experts in helping people make better decisions about their comfort.

Get in touch with our air conditioning service technicians for more information and assistance.

Expert Air Conditioning Services & Repair

At Zen Air Heating & Cooling, our technicians have high qualifications, excellent attitude, and work ethics. We focus on providing high-quality air conditioning services to you.

Our mechanical contracting is primarily focused on general contractors and remodelers, commercial to residential and specialized clients in design and construction. In-house designs & estimates are conducted alongside local engineering companies.

We have accumulated extensive expertise in the fields with a flair for ingenuity, and meticulous attention allowing for a successful completion and satisfaction of client projects. Taking responsibility for your work is our priority.

Our team’s approach provides reliable direction and good decision-making for managing your house and business. We are very pleased with what we have promised. A service call with our experts will bring you the expert solution you need for your comfort.

Installation of AC

Some old air conditioning units need replacing for a reason and choosing an AC unit is no easy task. But no worries–our AC pros are here to help you find the air conditioning that works best. Our team will work together with you considering your budget, personal preferences as well as other considerations that affect your comfort.

AC Repairs

When your air conditioning is not functioning properly, we’ll go to your house and immediately address the issue. When repairs are possible, we will take care of them quickly. At Zen Air Heating and Cooling, we make sure our vehicles are fully equipped and ready to provide air conditioning service in a single trip, ensuring satisfaction at every project.

Preventive Maintenance

Proper heating and cooling maintenance is essential to maintaining your home and ensuring a long life of your equipment. We come out for repairs when needed, but you can also take advantage of the annual service plan to receive extra benefit from our services and support programs.

Improve Air Quality & Reduce Energy Bills

A reliable AC system improves air quality. We are capable of improving the air conditioning in your home by offering a complete service. Our HVAC installation and service includes repairs and replacements for more efficient heating and cooling systems.

Keep Your Home Cool & Comfortable!

The warmer temperatures during the summer mean your house needs an efficient air conditioning system. Don’t get stuck in the heat! Our air conditioner repair services are available on-demand, so you can cool off fast and keep your home feeling comfortable.

Service Contracts

Service contracts provide extra security for the central air conditioning system when needed. Annual maintenance plans are the most effective way to get in touch with our certified technicians. You are also entitled to reduced repair costs and priority services if any issues arise.

Delivery & Installation

As a full-service provider, we offer a complete installation of residential air conditioning systems, and comprehensive services contracts to make your system run efficiently and maximize energy savings.

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Get quality HVAC service from Zen Air Heating and Cooling today. Our team of professional HVAC technicians can help with everything that is needed. We offer high-quality customer service and keep you safe all summer.

We offer emergency AC services to residents and businesses in the area, as well as a wide range of other air conditioning services such as repairs and installation. Plus, we are locally owned and operated – so you can be sure that you’re getting quality service from people who know the industry inside out.

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